BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y

Model: BWS1-S-Y

Supplier: Honeywell

Categories: Portable Gas Detection

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Honeywell BW™ Solo

H2S, CO, O2, SO2, NH3, PH3, Cl2, ClO2, NO, NO2, HCN, ETO, O3, H2

Gas Legend

Cl2 Chlorine(C) NO Nitric oxide (N)

ClO2 Chlorine dioxide (V) NO2 Nitrogen dioxide (D)

CO Carbon monoxide (M) O2 Oxygen (X)

ETO Ethylene oxide (C2H4O) (E) O3 Ozone (G)

H2S Hydrogen sulfide (H) PH3 Phosphine (P)

HCN Hydrogen cyanide (Z) SO2 Sulfur dioxide (S)

NH3 Ammonia (A) H2 Hydrogen (R)

BW™ Solo - Standard Yellow Black

BW™™ Solo - (Cl₂) Standard BWS-C-Y BWS-C-B

BW™ Solo - (ClO₂) Standard BWS-V-Y BWS-V-B

BW™ Solo - (CO) Standard BWS-ML-Y BWS-ML-B

BW™ Solo - (CO-H₂ resistant) Standard BWS-M2-Y BWS-M2-B

BW™ Solo - (ETO) Standard BWS-E-Y BWS-E-B

BW™ Solo - Hydrogen (H₂) Standard BWS-R-Y BWS-R-B

BW™ Solo - (H₂S) Standard BWS-HL-Y BWS-HL-B

BW™ Solo -  (H₂S ext range) Standard BWS-H2-Y BWS-H2-B

BW™ Solo - (HCN) Standard BWS-Z-Y BWS-Z-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃) Standard BWS-A-Y BWS-A-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y BWS-A2-B

BW™ Solo - (NO) Standard BWS-N-Y BWS-N-B

BW™ Solo - (NO₂) Standard BWS-D-Y BWS-D-B

BW™ Solo - (O₂) Standard BWS-XL-Y BWS-XL-B

BW™ Solo - Ozone (O₃) Standard BWS-G-Y BWS-G-B

BW™ Solo -  (PH₃) Standard BWS-P-Y BWS-P-B

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Standard BWS-S-Y BWS-S-B

BW™ Solo - Wireless Yellow Black

BW™ Solo - (Cl₂) Wireless BWS1-C-Y BWS1-C-B

BW™ Solo - (ClO₂) Wireless BWS1-V-Y BWS1-V-B

BW™ Solo - (CO) Wireless BWS1-ML-Y BWS1-ML-B

BW™ Solo - (CO-H₂ resistant) Wireless BWS1-M2-Y BWS1-M2-B

BW™ Solo - (ETO) Wireless BWS1-E-Y BWS1-E-B

BW™ Solo - Hydrogen (H₂) Wireless BWS1-R-Y BWS1-R-B

BW™ Solo - (H₂S) Wireless BWS1-HL-Y BWS1-HL-B

BW™ Solo -  (H₂S ext range) Wireless BWS1-H2-Y BWS1-H2-B

BW™ Solo - (HCN) Wireless BWS1-Z-Y BWS1-Z-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃) Wireless BWS1-A-Y BWS1-A-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Wireless BWS1-A2-Y BWS1-A2-B

BW™ Solo - (NO) Wireless BWS1-N-Y BWS1-N-B

BW™ Solo - (NO₂) Wireless BWS1-D-Y BWS1-D-B

BW™ Solo - (O₂) Wireless BWS1-XL-Y BWS1-XL-B

BW™ Solo - Ozone (O₃) Wireless BWS1-G-Y BWS1-G-B

BW™ Solo -  (PH₃) Wireless BWS1-P-Y BWS1-P-B

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y BWS1-S-B

BW™ Solo - Lite Yellow Black

BW™ Solo - Lite - (Cl₂) Standard BWS2-C-Y BWS2-C-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (ClO₂) Standard BWS2-V-Y BWS2-V-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (CO) Standard BWS2-M-Y BWS2-M-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (CO-H₂ resistant) Standard BWS2-M2-Y BWS2-M2-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (ETO) Standard BWS2-E-Y BWS2-E-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - Hydrogen (H₂) Standard BWS2-R-Y BWS2-R-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (H₂S) Standard BWS2-H-Y BWS2-H-B

BW™ Solo - Lite -  (H₂S ext range) Standard BWS2-H2-Y BWS2-H2-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (HCN) Standard BWS2-Z-Y BWS2-Z-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (NH₃) Standard BWS2-A-Y BWS2-A-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS2-A2-Y BWS2-A2-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (NO) Standard BWS2-N-Y BWS2-N-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (NO₂) Standard BWS2-D-Y BWS2-D-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (O₂) Standard BWS2-X-Y BWS2-X-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - Ozone (O₃) Standard BWS2-G-Y BWS2-G-B

BW™ Solo - Lite -  (PH₃) Standard BWS2-P-Y BWS2-P-B

BW™ Solo - Lite - (SO₂) Standard BWS2-S-Y BWS2-S-B

Replacement Batteries & Accessories Order Number

BW Solo replacement battery BWS-BAT01

BW Solo test/calibration cap BWS-TC-1

Neck strap with safety release GA-NS-1

Replacement Sensors Compatible Models Order Number

Replacement carbon monoxide (CO) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-M1-1S

Replacement hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-H1-1S

Replacement oxygen (O₂) sensor (1-Series) BWS, BWS1 SR-X1-1S

Replacement chlorine (Cl₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RC10

Replacement chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) sensor (4-Series) All SR-V04

Replacement carbon monoxide, H₂ resistant (CO-H) sensor (4-Series) All 54-47-19

Replacement ethylene oxide (ETO) sensor (4-Series) All SR-ER04

Replacement hydrogen (H₂) sensor (4-Series) All SR-RR04

Replacement hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), extended range sensor (4-Series) All PS-RH04S

Replacement hydrogen cyanide (HCN) sensor (4-Series) All SR-ZR04

Replacement ammonia (NH₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-A04

Replacement ammonia (NH₃), extended range sensor (4-Series) All SR-A204

Replacement nitric oxide (NO) sensor (4-Series) All SR-NR04

Replacement nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RD04

Replacement ozone (O₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-G04

Replacement phosphine (PH₃) sensor (4-Series) All SR-P04

Replacement sulfur dioxide (SO₂) sensor (4-Series) All PS-RS04

Replacement oxygen (O₂) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-X2V

Replacement hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-H-4S 

Replacement carbon monoxide (CO) sensor (4-Series) BWS2 SR-M-4S 

Service Parts Order Number

BW Solo Replacement battery cover kit, non-wireless BWS-BH-1

BW Solo Replacement battery cover kit, wireless BWS-BH-2

BW Solo replacement battery BWS-BAT01

BW Solo replacement back shell - yellow BWS-BC1

BW Solo replacement back shell - black BWS-BC1B

Replacement PCB, See replacement PCB's section

BW Solo replacement buzzer sealing ring BWS-HS-1

BW Solo replacement front shell BWS-FC1

BW Solo replacement LCD BWS-LCD

Replacement vibration motor GA-VM-2

Replacement sensors, see page 3

BW Solo Replacement 4-Series sensor sealing rings (kit of 10) BWS-ORING-4S-K1

BW Solo Replacement 1-Series sensor o-rings (kit of 10) BWS-ORING-1S-K1

BW Solo Replacement 4-Series sensor fixer kit BWS-4SC-1

BW Solo replacement 1 Series sensor fixer kit BWS-WSC-1

BW Solo Replacement sensor screens (kit of 10) BWS-SS

BW Solo Replacement sensor fixer screws (kit of 25) BWS-SCREW-K1

BW Solo Replacement 4-Series front cover BWS-4C-1

BW Solo Replacement 1-Series front cover BWS-WC-1

Replacement gas type label, See replacement labels section

Replacement PCB's Order Number

Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) - Standard BWS-C-PCB1

Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) - Standard BWS-V-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Standard BWS-ML-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) - Standard BWS-M2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) - Standard BWS-E-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) - Standard BWS-R-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) - Standard BWS-HL-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) - Standard BWS-H2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) - Standard BWS-Z-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH₃) - Standard BWS-A-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH₃ Ext) - Standard BWS-A2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) - Standard BWS-N-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) - Standard BWS-D-PCB1

Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) - Standard BWS-XL-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ozone (O3) - Standard BWS-G-PCB1

Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH3) - Standard BWS-P-PCB1

Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) - Standard BWS-S-PCB1

Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) - Wireless BWS1-C-PCB1

Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) - Wireless BWS1-V-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Wireless BWS1-ML-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) - Wireless BWS1-M2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) - Wireless BWS1-E-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) - Wireless BWS1-R-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) - Wireless BWS1-HL-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) - Wireless BWS1-H2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) - Wireless BWS1-Z-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH3) - Wireless BWS1-A-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH3 Ext) - Wireless BWS1-A2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) - Wireless BWS1-N-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) - Wireless BWS1-D-PCB1

Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) - Wireless BWS1-XL-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ozone (O3) - Wireless BWS1-G-PCB1

Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH3) - Wireless BWS1-P-PCB1

Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) - Wireless BWS1-S-PCB1

Replacement PCB Chlorine (Cl₂) - Lite BWS2-C-PCB1

Replacement PCB Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) - Lite BWS2-V-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Lite BWS2-M-PCB1

Replacement PCB Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) - Lite BWS2-M2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ethylene Oxide (ETO) - Lite BWS2-E-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen (H₂) - Lite BWS2-R-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) - Lite BWS2-H-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Sulfide ext. range (H₂S Ext) - Lite BWS2-H2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) - Lite BWS2-Z-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia (NH₃) - Lite BWS2-A-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ammonia ext. range (NH₃ Ext) - Lite BWS2-A2-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitric Oxide (NO) - Lite BWS2-N-PCB1

Replacement PCB Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) - Lite BWS2-D-PCB1

Replacement PCB Oxygen (O₂) - Lite BWS2-X-PCB1

Replacement PCB Ozone (O₃) - Lite BWS2-G-PCB1

Replacement PCB Phosphine (PH₃) - Lite BWS2-P-PCB1

Replacement PCB Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) - Lite BWS2-S-PCB1

Replacement Labels Order Number

Replacement Label Chlorine (Cl₂) BWS-C-LABEL

Replacement Label Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂) BWS-V-LABEL

Replacement Label Carbon Monoxide CO BWS-M-LABEL

Replacement Label Carbon Monoxide-H₂ resistant (CO-H) BWS-M2-LABEL

Replacement Label Ethylene Oxide (ETO) BWS-E-LABEL

Replacement Label Hydrogen (H₂) BWS-R-LABEL

Replacement Label Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) BWS-H-LABEL

Replacement Label Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) BWS-Z-LABEL

Replacement Label Ammonia (NH3) BWS-A-LABEL

Replacement Label Nitric Oxide (NO) BWS-N-LABEL

Replacement Label Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) BWS-D-LABEL

Replacement Label Oxygen (O₂)  BWS-X-LABEL

Replacement Label Ozone (O₃) BWS-G-LABEL

Replacement Label Phosphine (PH₃) BWS-P-LABEL

Replacement Label Sulfur Dioxide (SO₂) BWS-S-LABEL

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Wireless BWS1-S-Y

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