BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y

Model: BWS-A2-Y

Supplier: Honeywell

Categories: Portable Gas Detection

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Honeywell BW™ Solo

H2S, CO, O2, SO2, NH3, PH3, Cl2, ClO2, NO, NO2, HCN, ETO, O3, H2

BW™™ Solo - (Cl₂) Standard BWS-C-Y BWS-C-B

BW™ Solo - (ClO₂) Standard BWS-V-Y BWS-V-B

BW™ Solo - (CO) Standard BWS-ML-Y BWS-ML-B

BW™ Solo - (CO-H₂ resistant) Standard BWS-M2-Y BWS-M2-B

BW™ Solo - (ETO) Standard BWS-E-Y BWS-E-B

BW™ Solo - Hydrogen (H₂) Standard BWS-R-Y BWS-R-B

BW™ Solo - (H₂S) Standard BWS-HL-Y BWS-HL-B

BW™ Solo -  (H₂S ext range) Standard BWS-H2-Y BWS-H2-B

BW™ Solo - (HCN) Standard BWS-Z-Y BWS-Z-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃) Standard BWS-A-Y BWS-A-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y BWS-A2-B

BW™ Solo - (NO) Standard BWS-N-Y BWS-N-B

BW™ Solo - (NO₂) Standard BWS-D-Y BWS-D-B

BW™ Solo - (O₂) Standard BWS-XL-Y BWS-XL-B

BW™ Solo - Ozone (O₃) Standard BWS-G-Y BWS-G-B

BW™ Solo -  (PH₃) Standard BWS-P-Y BWS-P-B

BW™ Solo - (SO₂) Standard BWS-S-Y BWS-S-B

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y

BW™ Solo - (NH₃ ext range) Standard BWS-A2-Y

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